Scrisoare deschisă către Preşedintele Americii

Una din primele măsuri ale nou-alesului preşedinte al SUA a fost adoptarea implantării cu biocipuri către cetăţenii din domeniul militar, domeniul de cercetare ştiinţifică şi a deţinuţilor, precum şi promovarea pe scară mondială a ideologiei cyborgizării. Cu binecuvîntarea Părintelui Justin, în mod personal a fost trimisă o scrisoare deschisă, din care redăm un fragment:

Mister President,

Is this The Last Constitution? I respond equally rhetorically:

I have the right
To belong to whom I wish
Whose being blesses with the right To own oneself
Whose Name
Seals unto the ineffable of His might
In the day of becoming a number
I have the right to name my silence
In ebbings of good will
I claim
the right to an inviolable within the right to my peace of mind
the right to forgive the debts of others and to forget my own sorrows
the right to be merciful
the dignity of standing still
in the way of the arrow
kneeling only to kiss the feet of truth
and understand that life is not enough to thank the Eternal
I claim
the right to fear God
And I declare myself
Scribe of a sigh of glee

Instead of a sinuous diplomatic stance, the poetic form remains the most appropriate to encompass that which can be said and that which cannot be said in one single utterance. But to spoil the respite of understanding with the heart (the fruit of poetry), I`ll “explain it” (make it prosaic) – for no one deigns the poet to truth except in death, while as the semblance of depth that a more punctuated discourse offers, always gives rise at least to a listening ear. And if succeeds in not egressing the sphere of amazement fast enough, it has the chance to bear in the mind`s arms the ring of truth spelled closer to the heart of simplicity.

Choice, this inalienable right of the human being should be understood as the capacity to accept or refuse a possibility of action, or better said, the unhindered mobility of reaction to a stimulus. What is our cosmological foundation, – out of which springs forth all culture and all law -, if we speek of “defending our civilization”? The truth about relativism is that it has no connection to Light, which births and connects all, but is indeed an enlightenment of a most somber demeanor, for it it clearly states the opposition to the Fear of God by the Power of Will. Equal sign between all things cannot be put without making things equal, and to make them equal there are two possibilities: if they are all infinite or if they are all zero. Christ makes all humans deified through Him, and thus infinite. Satan makes all humans crushed through him, and thus zero. God did create all things relative to one another in the sense of Love and Harmony, He created equal only one thing for all people: FREEDOM, not the reality of factual and possible things.

Ultrarelativism “politely” destroys the mere memory of discernment between concepts, even the will to start a thought, when the memory of walking will be long  gone. Because the player is good not if he “freely” misses the notes, but if he makes me forget of the “freedom” of erring by the fullness of remembrance of the notes I never knew I wanted to hear within, that most encompassing chord of Trust.

Through its myriad corollaries, Political Correctness has destroyed the mere concept of discernment between good and bad, between light and dark, and thus annihilated the law`s respect for virtue, when it says that killing a baby is equal to giving it birth, saving one`s life, equal to destroying it! Then why even admit humans can form synapses, if their forming or unforming is equally free not to be heard.

The new microchip I.D. Law substitutes the Person – the ethical axis around whom for thousands of years civilization was built – , with a set of information, in the desire to treat all people as equally endowed with the “right” to be considered terrorists! In the eyes of the new law-maker, there is no difference between a living human being and a plastic card. Moreover it mocks the reality of the immortality of the soul, by the fact that the information stocked on these microchips is simultaneously volatile and unavailable to self-will, and yet permanent and impossible to delete, making it so that it does not even matter that the human being is dead, his or her information being further able to be used by an unrevealed discretionary power. Freedom of choosing between good and bad has become the meaningless choice between them. The good is outlawed, the bad is praised, choice is mocked, freedom is forgotten, like the tongue of angels that children know before they are taught to forget it by the ignorant envy of fake elders and by those sad slaves to the hate machine.

Who could wish to renounce our God-given power to praise the difference between flying and slithering? – not as if it were the pearl of human seeking, but because only above and beyond having understood and lived it there can be any joy of the mystery of being.

Archim. Justin Parvu as per Secretary, Sister Neonila

Petru Vodă Monastery, Romania, February 20th, 2009